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In an hyperconnected marketplace, your digital identity can make or break empires. You need to build a powerful, omni-channel and differentiated brand presence-within optimum budget and timelines.

How do you do it? That's the million-dollar question.

Claruz is all about YOU-positioning and promoting your brand, connecting you to new leads at optimum costs and helping you win new & exciting business deals that improve your brand value. Whether its to help you define your digital goals or achieve them, were with you every step of the way.

Our focused thinking induces productive partnerships with clients, and our innovative work culture helps us deliver great results.


Go Digital. Go Innovative. Go Unlimited.

High-quality, strategic SMM & SEO services to turbocharge your company's digital presence.

Social media marketing & optimization

Highly effective, strategic SMM & SEO services to turbocharge your company's digital presence.

What this includes:

  • Building a strong image and identity
  • Social media management and promotions
  • Sharing links and building community
  • Competitor tracking
  • Analytics and Report Generation
Paid marketing services

Focused campaigns and ads that reach the right prospects, with higher probability of conversions.

What this includes:

  • Pay Per Click (PPC) advertisements
  • PPC management for SMEs & large enterprises
  • Google Adwords
Website Design & Development

Attract, engage and retain prospects with custom and compelling web designs & formats.

What this includes:

  • Captivating and responsive website
  • Boost in conversions and revenue
  • High credibility, less bounce rate, and improved search rankings
  • More engagement with customers
Branding and creative services

Transform your company into an iconic brand with the right mix of branding services.

What this includes:

  • Brand analysis
  • Brand identity & image management
  • Brand building & positioning
  • Marketing and promotions
  • Reputation Management

Tell a compelling story that gets you noticed and applauded

Claruz delivers integrated digital marketing solutions for the modern minimalist or the creative expressionist. We relentlessly challenge ourselves through meaningful solutions and inspired thinking. In the end, we┬┤ll deliver what we promised and more!

Stay in the spotlight. Always.

We believe innovation happens when both our team and our clients can grow and thrive.