BPO Tracking System

A single window for end-to-end operations

Why centralize, streamline and operationalize?

In business, responsiveness is everything. It's critical to have a strong framework in place to ensure opportunities to connect with customers aren't missed. Our BPO Tracking System (BTS) enables realtors, real estate agents, brokers and companies to manage their entire BPO operations with the click of a button. With a refreshingly minimalist interface and intuitive technologies working at the core, the app is easy to learn and use. It's equally robust, scalable, fast, safe and flexible.

A highly effective BPO Tracking System

BTS centralizes job requests and tracks them from order creation to completion. Realtors, agents, photographers and vendors can quickly identify what jobs are parked in the pipeline, which ones require attention and what is needed to complete them. Brokers can also give notes and advice to agents regarding the property and the tenant. With detailed capabilities, like financial and operational insights, BTS allows realtors to stay on their toes, respond quickly to changes, and identify opportunities to expand their BPO business.

No more speculations, no time wasted on extensive research

Improved response time

Through optimized content management architecture

Easy to use

Steered by light & simple navigation

Increased security

Powered by unique user access management

Powerful analytics

Deliver strong competitive advantage

Metrics tracking

Critical real estate performance metrics modelled and tracked

A structured communication ecosystem

Furnished with alerts and notifications

Ready insights

Help brokers/realtors easily track financial activities

Advanced financial reporting modules

Reduce data entry and simplify the process


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