SafelyTeam Intelligent, Fully integrated smart home security
E-Commerce solution

Redefining e-commerce of the future

In a world that’s rapidly turning digital, e-commerce is the future of business. In line with aggressive sales and marketing strategies, companies need their websites to remain always-on, fully functional, robust and differentiated. Next-generation e-commerce websites need to be intuitive and UX-focused to continue to win customers. What’s more, they need to be capable of delivering a unique, highly personalized and seamless streaming experience every time.


Next-generation ecommerce that’s intelligent and intuitive

Safely is so much more than a regular e-commerce website. Its intuitive engine recommends custom-made packages to users based on their responses to Q&As that are specifically designed to be run through an algorithm. The platform is SASI integrated, and works seamlessly with an email engine, logistics & payment modules, support center and chatbot.

As Safely’s solutions are mainly bespoke and prioritises customer’s choice, an intelligent website that is algorithmically run allows them to select and buy personalized home safety devices that best suit their requirements.

What is Safely?

Safely is a B2C marketplace that focuses on safety, home security, wellness, and other IoT products. The company allows customers to hand-pick and configure home safety, security and wellness systems on their advanced, eponymous ecommerce platform.


Personalized security solution in just four clicks

Select your priorities
Enter custom preferences
Review Package

Fully customizable

Smarter and more personalized product recommendations reduce the rate of returns and reorders

Enables preconfiguration

Drastically reduces on-premise installation time and improves efficiency

Safely Connect app

Functions as an always-on extension of the website for emergency alerts and notifications

Fully mobile responsive

With advanced mobility capabilities and integrated chatbot functionality