Snap Shark is a custom-developed aggregator platform that solves this

Snap Shark works just like any other order management system. But its uniqueness lies in its ability to efficiently connect or aggregate diverse pools of photography vendors with realtors. Be it professional grade or amateur photography, Snap Shark is able to match the right vendor provider to the service seeker in just a few simple steps. Extensive algorithms and third-party integrations work at the backend, making the user experience as seamless and efficient as possible.

What is
Snap Shark?

Snap Shark is an order management system that works on an aggregator model. It was originally custom-developed by ECESIS as a field-evaluation photography system for realtors to expand their coverage area.

How flexible is the Snap Shark architecture?

100% flexible. ECESIS can adapt Snap Shark’s unique architecture into any other aggregator system – for example, insurance, online food and grocery delivery– where the concept is akin to our process flow.

How it works?

Snap Shark handles the process of sending orders to vendors and delivering services quickly and seamlessly. A high-functioning grade system for vendors ensures that clients are matched with top-grade vendors all the time. Realtors just need to mention the house address, the number of photos they require, the perspective and the fee, and get the photos delivered while they focus on their core business.

Register or log in to the application. Place your work order and subject address.

Get notified as the nearest & highest-rated available vendor accepts the order and is assigned the work.

Review completed work – submitted within 48 hours – and provide feedback. Grade the vendor.

View complete information of your orders and their status on dashboards.



Compatible with all leading web browsers and available as progressive web-app


Comes with extensive third-party integrations, with Google Map, Stripe Payment Gateway and SendGrid Mailer

Create custom or bulk orders based on incentivized or regular system

Guide vendor to the exact location using integrated location maps

Use detailed dashboards to view and monitor order progress


Communicate with the vendor in-app, using emails and chat messages

Get comprehensive reports on order list with price details

Accept if the submissions are as expected or reorder if any aspect is missing

Pay using credit card, internet banking or digital wallet transfers