Our Story

14 years of purpose-driven growth

ECESIS indicates the creation of something new and full of vitality in a terrain that’s deprived of signs of life. We are an ambitious group, driven by a strong sense of commitment and purpose, and the need to create sustainable value for our clients.

Our journey began 14 years ago, as a provider of BPO services to the US real estate industry. At a time of increasing chaos and uncertainty, our persistence and focused, outcome-driven approach helped us capture newer markets. Today, we continue our growth spree, by innovating services that are relevant and meet our clients’ most pressing needs.

From BPO to software to a global business conglomerate

We are a full-fledged services organization, with proven capabilities in BPO, software design and development to digital marketing, manpower staffing and beyond. Every day, we continue our journey to bigger and bolder growth avenues, fueled by a vision to serve our clients’ needs, enabling them to transform and evolve with the changing. needs of the market.

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Our Team

Our motto is to stay young, agile and always open to transformation and new opportunities. We do this through a vibrant work culture, powered by enthusiastic and innovative young leaders, who are the architects of our future.

Roadmap to 2030

We’re leveraging our digital marketing expertise, combined with exceptional service capabilities, to enable our clients and stakeholders to grow with the industry and chart their journey to success. By deploying a customer-centric and last-mile consultative approach, we’re cultivating highly productive and powerful business partnerships that last the test of time.