Impulse Human Resources software for growing enterprises

Drive accelerated growth in the gig economy

The strategic transformation of an organization is rooted in its ability to strengthen and empower its workforce. Organizations that are invested in the success of their people need a powerful and consolidated platform that extends beyond the scope of the regular HRMS.

Start-ups and growing companies that are still reliant on outdated worksheets to track their employee operations need to make the switch today. They need something intelligent, scalable and comprehensive. And that’s where Impulse comes in. Impulse is an easy-to-use, modular and lightweight HR application that can perform end-to-end HRMS functions to streamline employee management, through leave, attendance, payroll and more functionalities.


Automated HRMS for day-to-day and strategic tasks

A consistent and reliable resource management solution to track, streamline & integrate your HR activities. Ideal for growing organizations that require a systematic platform for HR management.

Full-fledged modularity to work as a single application or standalone modules

Highly scalable and flexible

Reliability in terms of precise calculations and report generation security

Lightweight, easy navigation and high responsiveness analytics

Auto-generated emails, alerts and notifications

Extensive report generation

Key Modules

Employee Information Management

Complete directory of employee from personal info to job history, banking & insurance plans and more

Employee records are linked to the main database, for ease of tracking and reporting.

Employee self-service portal helps cater to important alerts and tasks.

Financial Management

Compensation management to simplify financial planning

Base salary administration

Bonus programs and commissions

Employee stock options and long-term incentive management

Time and Attendance Management

Scheduling shifts and attendance to ensure staffing compliance

Schedule employees across departments, locations and projects

Alert employees of change of schedules or staff shortage

Smooth payroll and time tracking with electronic timesheets

Time off management to handle critical absence periods


Financial planning and invoice managemen

HR budgeting and forecasting abilities

Simplified budget production and what-if scenario analysis for HR expenditures

Automation of AP/AR for simplified billing