Tech Flow System (TFS)

Unified, mobile-responsive platform for BPO order

ITES organizations need a holistic ERP system to monitor end-to-end activities intelligently. Tech Flow System stemmed from the idea of building a fully-integrated platform to streamline and enhance our in-house BPO order processing. Five years on, it is among the leading ERP platforms for Broker Price Opinion, with extensive order management, monitoring and accounting capabilities.

TFS eliminates operational inefficiencies, allowing businesses to focus on key revenue-generating decisions. The emerging technologies, like AI and Big Data, working at the core of TFS ensure built-in business intelligence, drill-down reporting, and real-time visibility across the organization. Deliver an exceptional end-user experience, and establish a strong brand presence.

A unique, fully customizable architecture

The architecture that drives TFS can be customized to any industry that needs in-depth process monitoring.

TFS is ideal for manufacturing and construction companies, as well as ITES units, such as call center, BPO/KPO and HR.

Simplified BPO order management on the go

A holistic application

Scalable and systematically organized

Seamless order addition

Enabled through fully automated scripts

Efficient monitoring

Through real-time tracking capabilities

Payment integration

Reduces manual intervention

Improved response time

Through optimized content management architecture

Easy to use

Steered by light & simple navigation

Increased security

Powered by unique user access management

Completely mobile responsive

Operates on the go

Powerful analytics & reports

Deliver strong competitive advantage

Big data technology

Analyses vast data pools to reveal actionable insights

Customizable AI

Accelerates accounting timelines and maximizes accuracy